This is just a short note on a system I’ve been leaning on heavily to share preproduction elements. This system combines the mind-mapping and logic-organizing powers of XMind with the effortless synchronizing and universally accessable nature of Dropbox.

Dropbox for Syncing files
Many are already familiar wish SVN for version control. For web-development it knows no match. That being said, for people not familiar with it it can be cumbersome and overly complicated. Therefore, on the free side of things, it makes much more sense to share folders on dropbox rather than utilizing google code.

Most of the beauty of DropBox is that it runs invisibly in the background with virtually no configuration needed to be done. All you have to do is download the client and put in your account information. After that you can access your dropbox files from any computer with an internet connect. Do you have a folder and you want to share it with another team member? It’s as easy as clicking the sharing settings button when logged into DropBox.

XMind for Developing And Organizing Ideas
As I’ve said before, XMind is a really fun tool for laying out lots of information and keeping track of hierarchies and any other sort of separation of logic. I’m still learning how to best use it to develop complex story and interaction driven games, but it’s mostly a task of finding the quickest and easiest way to record me and my team-members ideas.