Along with a few other presenters I’ll be giving a brief show and tell with Jackie Crofts (artist) about our game, Issue #1, at the Tilt Arcade on Jan. 15th, 2011. We’ll be doing this in the context of an Indianapolis Video Game Development Association, or IVGDA, meeting where members will also be electing board members for the group. Since Issue #1 was a student project, Jackie and I will be talking about the challenges we faced and what we learned in the process.

If you’re interested in developing games or helping develop a thriving games industry in Indiana you should definately check out IVGDAS’s website. IVGDA is a group for people interested in any of the many facets of game development with the explicit goals of jump-starting Indiana’s game development industry within the next 5 years. They offer plenty of workshops and speaking events, not to mention professional game production for games that members pitch, so it’s a great thing to get involved with.

There’s been a lot of activity lately on the IVGDA website with people nominating theirselves for various board member positions not excluding myself. I’ve nominated myself for the Secretary position and the assistant producer role which would have me working alongside Thomas Marshall to coordinate and execute the production of IVDGA games. With any luck I’ll be participating in various group events in this role. Check back here after the 15th once board members have been elected for more official updates.

[Update: 1/18/2011] Presentation went well and I was voted in as the Secretary. Looking forward to many good workshops and meetings.