May 22, 20110 comments

Post and Project Dump

I’ve obviously been a bit lax at updating this blog. I have been busy though. Below you’ll find a list of blog posts I’ve written on the Silver Square Blog as well as a link to a project I’ve recently finished and am very happy with.


Slowing down to speed up
Facebook changes how to make tabs
Finding Meaning in Slithering Things
Video Marketing: Three good rules of preproduction
This Post is Interactive
5 Productivity Tips for 2011

Most Recent Project


Feb 13, 20110 comments

Saying “Hello World” in an Android Emulator

With the Spore Grant project ramping up into full speed it was high time I get setup for Android development. Below are the steps I followed to get a Hello World app up in about the amount of time required to download the Eclipse IDE and the Android SDK. I followed the steps detailed in this awesome article, If you want to get started with android development (as the name implies) I would head over there. My purpose [...]

Android Emulator
Jan 18, 20110 comments

Using Dropbox and XMind to Synchronize Preproduction Efforts

This is just a short note on a system I’ve been leaning on heavily to share preproduction elements. This system combines the mind-mapping and logic-organizing powers of XMind with the effortless synchronizing and universally accessable nature of Dropbox.

Dropbox for Syncing files
Many are already familiar wish SVN for version control. For web-development it knows no match. That being said, for people not familiar with it it can be cumbersome and overly complicated. Therefore, on the free side of things, it [...]

Jan 2, 20110 comments

Presenting Issue1 at the Tilt Arcade

Along with a few other presenters I’ll be giving a brief show and tell with Jackie Crofts (artist) about our game, Issue #1, at the Tilt Arcade on Jan. 15th, 2011. We’ll be doing this in the context of an Indianapolis Video Game Development Association, or IVGDA, meeting where members will also be electing board members for the group. Since Issue #1 was a student project, Jackie and I will be talking about the challenges we faced and what we [...]

Dec 29, 20100 comments


I love Kotaku for some of it’s more contimplative articles like this one titled, Do Video Games Really Need to Be Immersive. Not only do I like to see the writers’ opinions, but sometimes commenters have valid points as well. Below is a roundup of some of the quotes either from outside sources or from the original writer or commenters. All these really struck a chord with me.

Francois Laramée said,

“All forms of entertainment strive to create suspension of disbelief, a [...]